donderdag 31 januari 2008


My sister needed an outfit for a costumed party, so we decided for a swans outfit. It took 6 meters of tule, and blood, sweat and tears.. It turned up great, we think!

Vintage finds

I visited my parents this weekend, they found some amazing objects at a fair! For me a set of lovely coloured cups and saucers bij Ceramique Maastricht, and for themselves an absolutely breathtaking fruitbowl, love it!
With the fruitbowl they bought a thing to hold six glasses, which needs some TLC. My father is going to restore it to it's old glory. When it's finished, I will show it to you.

vrijdag 18 januari 2008

Colour coordination

My livingroom has different colour zones, this is my blue spot.. As I stated earlier I'm a softy when it comes to sorting things on colour.. Just love it!
The bench I made for a cover for a dutch interior and design magazine, Elle Wonen ( . Vases are from Hema ( and two vintage finds and the blue thing is a DIY-project, an attempt in weaving washing line into a small basket. The fabrics are by Kvadrat and the cups and saucers once belonged to my grandmother's mother (and still in one piece!).

donderdag 17 januari 2008

Picture this

This is my new toy!

Last year someone broke in to my house and took my passport and my camera (I wonder wat he or she thought of my pictures of hundreds of carpet samples :) ) Finally I got a new one to capture all the great designs and nice moments, and I don't have to rely on friends forwarding me pictures anymore..

Monday I will visit Intirio ( in Gent, Belgium, an interior and fabrics show where I will look for new products and fabrics for the company where I work, DOTshop. (

Hopefully to capture a lot of new, cool designs!

zaterdag 12 januari 2008

Button up!

Look what I just bought on the internet! Cool huh? I'm obsessed with things that are sorted on colour (like big boxes filled with colouring pencils). Not sure what to do with them, though. I think I just put them on display so I can look at them all day!

donderdag 10 januari 2008

Sanna Annukka

If anyone needs inspiration for my birthday gift.. Her prints are all over the internet, I know, but it is still one of the things that add joy to my day!